Great that you are here with us!Let us tell you something about PureHempLove and our "why?". All of those who work at PureHempLove are absolutely convinced that physical and psychological balance starts with the mind & soul. That may sound a bit spiritual yes, but that's our experience and we want to share that with you! We are a young company and each and everyone of us had many years ago in different ways some points of contact with a wide variety of products around the topic of physical balance and well-being. These two topics are therefore central to us - we have set ourselves the goal that for all the people who somehow made it to our website, we wanted to create and add value to their lives with what we offer!Hemp itself as well as products made of it, of example CBD oils, can contribute enormously to a better well-being for body, mind and soul. It relaxes and it gives us more space to enjoy life. Hemp as a raw material is by no means unknown or even new. For a long time, people have known about the versatility of hemp and its various fields of application, clothing, ropes, oils or even cosmetics.

Regrettably, hemp was socially taboo for many years - because it was always equated with THC and thus something illegal.

It's great that this misbelief is coming to an end! From day to day, hemp and its versatile products are more accepted, even desired, in society - which not only makes us very happy and positive about the future! And that's exactly what you should find on our shop! From start to finish we want to give you a relaxed experience looking for our products. Of course, this well-being should continue with the use of our products and help you to feel better! Because we are convinced that your balance begins with the wellbeing of mind and soul and does not stop there!

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