Anticipating, we would like to tell you that this disclaimer serves both your and our safety!

We want to ensure 100% that the products we offer are absolutely legal and safe to buy for every customer.

Therefore, we must strictly adhere to German and European regulations, guidelines and laws!

1. Our cannabidiol (CBD) containing products in an oil carrier - also called CBD oils - are offered exclusively as so-called aroma oils by us. They are not approved as food or dietary supplements due to the novel food regulation of the EU and therefore can not be advertised or sold in this way.

2. There is no product offered by us as a medicine in the sense of german medicine law §2 Arzneimittelgesetz.

For this reason, no health-promoting statements or healing statements can be made.

3. Since it is not a food or dietary supplement as described in 1., no recommendations for intake or consumption can be made.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Your PureHempLove team

   ...because we love hemp!

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