IMPORTANT:No matter if you have already ordered our CBD oil or are close to it, this note is important for you, so please do not wonder about the size of the CBD oil bottle!Because: At the moment we do only fill our CBD oils in 30ml phials from Miron Violettglas. The bottle is therefore not completely filled, we guarantee you that you always get 10ml CBD oil! This is ensured by our controlled filling processes.

Why we always use 30ml phials has 3 good reasons:

1. The 30ml phials are much more robust and thus a more shatter-proof. The transport of liquids is always a bit tricky and we invest hereby in the safety of the product both during transport and at your home! If you drop the phial, a 30ml one will hold up a little more than the smaller 10ml one!

2. The labels are much easier to read for you and for our service providers when bottling and shipping, also is the packaging of each CBD oil larger and more legible. Stored in the fridge, the 30ml phial does not settle down so fast among all the other things of your everyday life.

3. If we were currently buying and using different sizes, we would not be able to keep our retail prices at a stable and fair level. Miron violet glass is one of the highest quality products when it comes to glass containers for filling. We do everything to be able to supply you with an absolutely high-quality final product! Miron violet glass is therefore a must-have for us, as it protects the sensitive and valuable ingredients of the CBD oil best possible against UV rays and other external influences and this much longer than conventional brown glass!

4. Our vials leave you every opportunity to adjust the concentration to your needs. You would prefer to have a lighter mixture? No problem - just add a little olive oil and shake to reduce the intensity of the CBD. Of course, you can also recycle our beautiful Miron glass vials after you have washed them thoroughly by hand!

Everything for your safety and the best possible quality comes with fair prices!

Your PureHempLove team

   ...because we love hemp!

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